A Little Bundle

      Every day moms look for great and unique products for our children. We strive to provide safe, healthy and inspiring things in their lives. After being a part of the Instagram community you find amazing shops that offer those type of items, A Little Bundle  is one of those shops.

       You might ask yourself, "What is A Little Bundle?", well A Little Bundle is a box of 4 or more items hand selected by Annie Lin herself with mother and baby in mind. She is very selective in what is put in each box and only wants to bring something she would love to have for herself and baby. 

       When opening A Little Bundle in August 10, 2013 she knew that collaborating with exclusive shops and selecting only organic products would show her unique view in what motherhood is about. Annie prides her business in the selective items that each gift bundle, or monthly subscription contains. Her missions is "to explore new and fresh every month for both the Mom and the Baby as well as being the vehicle in bringing in high quality and design products to the market!


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Annie had sent me A Little Bundle which I was more than thrilled about. My daughter loved all the items it featured in it for her.   I couldn't get over Annies eye for detail even down to the inside of the box when opening it. It felt like a birthday for Laila and I. 


In my bundle were some amazing items that not only Laila could use daily but I as well. Here are the items that you could find in my bundle:

Valentine- a store based out of Berkley, CA she has designs every piece of jewelry. In my bundle I receives not 1 but 2 bracelets for my little.  

Fran Kramer- with simplicity in mind, they create an all organic skin cream and lip balm that feels smooth on your lips and refreshing on your skin.   

JJ Rabbit- This little cup is not only a daily tool for our children but a surprise awaits on the bottom with a animal. I find it a great transition cup from sippy to a big kid cup.  

 Twiddle & Tweet- 100% organic cotton makes this shirt stand out from the rest. Its soft fabric makes it comfortable and great  sensitive skin babies have. 

Under the Nile- Now this was the most exciting thing out of our bundle, not only did my little fall in love with it but so did my husband. The unique design and made with all organic egyptian cotton really makes this little pup stand out above all its competitors. 

Fog Linen Work - Another one of my husbands favorites, a denim zipper pouch great for mom, baby or even dad. The simple but cute designs makes this pouch easy to store make-up, small baby items or in my husbands case his handcrafted wooden pipe. 

And the cutest card that would put  a smile on even Mr.Scrooge  Please go visit annie and her lovely bundles at alittlebundle.com

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From the Beginning.

        Well, here's the start of a new journey. Please keep in mind that I'm not a blogger, so some of the things you see on here might be thoughts, opinions, DIYs, or just things I simply would like to share with you. 

      I guess for this first entry it would only be appropriate to share with you guys who I am. Well I'm an eccentric, tattooed, bright red haired women. Yikes, sounds like I should be a groupie for some nasty grunge punk rock band, but in reality I'm like everyone reading this. Im a mom and a wife, thats my number one job. And boy do they keep me busy. My husband is in the military, and my 5 month old daughter is just as needy as our family finds that the military can be at times. But I wouldn't change what I do for the world.  It keeps me on my toes and always ready for action. 

      I grew up in good ole' Tampa, FL, raised there by my mother and boy do I give her credit for me. I was what you would say, a sour pickle growing up. Yea, I don't think sour pickle is a real term but someone has to start it. Right?  

      Joining the army in 2010, I was shipped off to Germany in 2011 where I met my best friend and husband. Our story would knock your socks off but maybe I'll share that  for another time. When Joshua and I found out that were were expecting in 2012 I decided that the only way to keep our family together was to get out of the Army.  A dual Army couple with a newborn is no bueno. So here I am now, a civilian.

       Little Looker Shop came around when I found that leather goods and children shoes were so darn expensive.. I don't always believe that you get what you pay for. I am a firm believer of affordable products for the common day family. Why should I burn a whole in my pocket to purchase something that will eventually be outdated, grown out of, over used or over abused. I can definitely say I have things sitting around that continue to collect dust. But who doesn't?

     I really hope you enjoy my creations and please feel free to comment or email me about anything you'd like to see, or something that you think would better my products or just a friendly hello.  


                                                      -With love,

                                                       Kali Turner

                                                       Owner/ Desginer